GEOMAR Conference & Event Management

Career Day Workshop “Strategic Career Planning: Finding my profile”

Date: 25 April 2024

Time: 1:30 - 3:30 pm

Platform: Zoom

Target group: Postdoctoral researchers from the participating Helmholtz Centres

Trainer: Dr. Philippa Cook

About the workshop

It can be hard as an early career researcher to find time to plan your next career move but the more informed you are about yourself and your ‘profile’, the more you can (begin to) identify your options and the possible routes you might take … and possibly save yourself time later on. In this short online session specially designed for international researchers we will focus on

• Personal aspects of your “profile” – what skills do I bring, what can I do, what motivates me, what matters to me and how and when do I work best?

• Situational aspects of your “profile” – where am I able/willing to go, do I have what I need to get there, which factors constrain my current choices

With this in place, you will have a basis on which to to define your next career steps.

The trainer

Dr. Philippa Cook works as a certified trainer with a focus on international PhD candidates and PhD holders. She has an international background herself – born and raised in England – and worked in research and teaching in German academia for almost two decades before she became a trainer and careers advisor.