GEOMAR Conference & Event Management

GEOMAR Science Day 2022

8A/EG-002 - Hörsaal Ostufer / Lecture Hall East (GEOMAR - Standort Ostufer / GEOMAR - East Shore)

8A/EG-002 - Hörsaal Ostufer / Lecture Hall East

GEOMAR - Standort Ostufer / GEOMAR - East Shore

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GEOMAR numbers over 1000 employees covering all aspects of marine science "from the ocean floor to the atmosphere" and a professional administration. It is rare that we all have a chance to get together.

With the "GEOMAR Science Day" we want to change that. Through a mix of presentations, poster sessions, demonstrations and tours we want to showcase GEOMAR science for GEOMAR. The science will be presented in a way accessible to people from across marine science and beyond, allowing all GEOMAR employees an insight into what is happening within our own walls.

You will have a chance to see the ARENA2 in action, visit the new core & rock repository, dive into the world of our TLZ  and have a close look at our underwater vehicles (ROVs and AUVs), and get insight into the wonderful work of our library and data management.

We are planning to have a fun, exciting, engaging and informative mixture of presentations (on the short end), demonstrations, espresso talks, posters and tours. 
Now we need YOU to make it happen!

You find a preliminary agenda below - of course, everything depends on your input and this agenda is by no means final.

GEOMAR Science Day registration
    • 1
      Welcome & Grand Opening of the ARENA2
      Speakers: Katja Matthes, Colin Devey
    • 2
      Science slam
    • 3
      10-minute presentations

      Presentations of larger projects, e.g., junior research groups

    • 10:30 AM
    • 4

      First half of poster presenters are at their posters, incl. posters accompanying the presentations in the science slam and 10-minute talks.

    • 12:00 PM
    • 5
      Espresso talks

      5 minute talks for single projects

    • 6
      Creative ways of science presentation/communication

      People show their creative ways to communicate science.

    • 7
      Espresso talks
    • 8
      Demonstration / live experiment in the lecture hall
    • 9
    • 10

      second half