GEOMAR Science Day 2022

8A-002 - Hörsaal Ostufer / Lecture Hall East (GEOMAR - Standort Ostufer / GEOMAR - East Shore)

8A-002 - Hörsaal Ostufer / Lecture Hall East

GEOMAR - Standort Ostufer / GEOMAR - East Shore

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Welcome to the first GEOMAR Science Day!

Please have a look at the schedule below. You can visit a number or live demonstrations during the poster sessions in the lithothek and foyer of building 8:

  • ARENA2 (Tom Kwasnitschka & Armin Bernstetter)
  • Synchro-CT (Christian Deusner)
  • Seismology (Louisa Murray-Bergquist & Cord Papenberg)
  • RETAKE experiments on ocean alkalinity enhancement, CDRmare (Sonja Geilert & team)
  • The microbial black box (Nicole Adam-Beyer & team)
  • Ocean eddies (Torge Martin) 
  • Ocean modeling (Markus Scheinert)
  • Data management (Carsten Schirnick & team)

There will be an "Außenwirtschafts-Quiz" (Daniela Schmitt) and lots of posters and exhibitions to explore!

Videos provided by different groups will play in the foyer:

  • Work in West Afrika / OSCM (Björn Fiedler)
  • Deep-sea work (Henk-Jan Hoving)
  • Sinkholes in the Dead Sea (Djamil Al-Habouni)